September 20, 2021

Mets, Steve Cohen whiffing on Kumar Rocker looks Wilpon-esque (New York Post)

Steve Cohen is absurdly rich, surprisingly charming and, it sure appears, diligently devoted to his new endeavor.

What he is not, is Rookie Owner of the Year.

For as much enthusiasm as the Mets’ new big boss has generated among the jewel franchise’s rabid fan base, as much on-field success as his club has enjoyed, Cohen also has managed, inadvertently, to rehabilitate the reputation of his predecessors, the Wilpons. It turns out that gargantuan mistakes were not exclusive to the previous owners: Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz.

Perhaps the biggest doozy yet came to a head on Sunday, shortly after another loss by the big league team at Citi Field, when the Mets announced their failure to sign top draft pick Kumar Rocker, infuriating those same rabid fans who couldn’t believe their good fortune when, exactly three weeks prior, the Mets chose the Vanderbilt right-hander with the 10th selection.

As first reported by The Post on July 27, the Mets held concerns about Rocker’s pitching elbow following a physical examination, Rocker’s camp, headed by adviser Scott Boras, disputed those concerns, and they never came close to a…

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