August 4, 2021

Mets need to bolster pitching before trade deadline ends (New York Post)

Thursday presents the Mets with their final scheduled day off before the July 30 trade deadline. One last chance to reflect on the club without the input of new data.

They should take five minutes to reflect … and the other 23 hours and 55 minutes to keep hunting for pitching.

No need to over-complicate this, right? Even on a day when Marcus Stroman delivered an absolute gem, permitting a mere one hit and one walk over eight innings to lead his club to a 7-0 blanking of the Reds Wednesday afternoon at Great American Ball Park (and therefore a series victory), the bigger picture fed the two primary takeaways:

1. Stroman’s performance meant so much because of the recent beatings taken by the Mets’ pitching staff.

2. This club is really starting to hit.

So if they arrive at the 30th with three new arms aboard and Kris Bryant remains available, then sure, the Mets can take a run at the versatile infielder-outfielder, a former National League Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year who would bring some heft to their endeavor. It would be the wrong move, however, to expend any player capital on Bryant, who sure feels like a luxury at the…

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