June 15, 2021

Will Middlebrooks adds $395M wrinkle to Pete Alonso theory (New York Post)

Former Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks thinks Pete Alonso’s theory about MLB “manipulating baseballs” to benefit the free-agent market “makes sense.”

The 2013 World Series Champion weighed in on the Mets star’s theory Thursday and admitted that while there isn’t enough evidence to prove the claim, “something’s fishy here,” Middlebrooks told CBS Sports.

Middlebrooks shed light on MLB’s purchase of sporting-goods manufacturer Rawlings and how it could support the theory.

“In 2018, MLB bought the rights to Rawlings, the company… for $395 million,” he said, adding that the business deal was “swept under the rug” for sometime.

“Now, [MLB] has the rights and the capability of accessing the manufacturer of the baseballs that they use every day. That’s something to think about. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist here, but I do think there’s an issue there. And, another thing is they change the ball every year, What other sport does that?” Middlebrooks asked before noting that sports including hockey, tennis, basketball and football do not change the ball each year.

“All of a sudden in 2018, they juice…

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