June 16, 2021

The Post’s favorite Opening Days (New York Post)

Ten Post staff members share memories of their favorite Opening Days:

Larry Brooks

So it was 1963 and the Mets were opening their second and final season at the Polo Grounds, a ballpark I loved because, among other things, you could sneak down with your $1.30 general-admission ticket to the box seats by the fifth inning and no usher would ever bother you.

The Cardinals were in town, school was out for spring vacation, and a few of us headed to the ballpark on the D Train to meet the Mets of New York town, who had Duke Snider in the lineup, batting cleanup. Duke Snider! My dad had been a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan. He loved the Duke. Now the Duke was a Met. Now I could root for the Duke!

It was 7-0 St. Louis, it was the bottom of the ninth, there was one out and one on when Snider, wearing No. 11, ambled to the on-deck circle. By that time, we’d snuck down to the box seats, not so far away. Naturally, I called out to the Duke. Not once, not twice — well, you get the idea.

And the Duke looked over his shoulder and sort of waved. The Duke! It was a memory for a lifetime, which I recounted to Snider when I met him later in life when he was a broadcaster for the Montreal…

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