June 12, 2021

Yankees Opening Day an easy coronavirus sacrifice for John Sterling (New York Post)

The radio voice of the Yankees, John Sterling, 81, will not be broadcasting on what was supposed to be Opening Day on Thursday.

“This is the most unusual thing that has occurred in all of our lives,” Sterling told The Post. “There have been other scares before, but they weren’t worldwide. This is so important, so vital to us as human beings because, if we don’t stop it, we will all die.”

Sterling, in only his way, had a little chuckle in his voice, as he made his bold declaration. His voice sounded strong and ready to go. While he wishes there was baseball sooner than later, he remains in good spirits.

Sterling lives his life with an Opening Day feel, as he is filled with hope and optimism, no matter the circumstance.

“I entertain myself very well,” Sterling said.

He wakes up in his Jersey condo late, around 10:30 or 11 a.m., and quickly goes to a nearby store to pick up fruit, coffee and the newspapers. He then has brunch, before cleaning up to “look presentable for myself.” He spends his afternoons speaking with friends from around the country and reading.

Yankees Opening Day John Sterling
John SterlingCharles Wenzelberg/New York Post

He just finished autobiographies of Elton John,…

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