June 16, 2021

The effect Noah Syndergaard’s loss had on Mets’ betting odds (New York Post)

The Mets just can’t catch a break, but bettors who had believed were still optimistic toward the Amazin’s chances.

Even with the season on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, Mets fans got the news Tuesday the team would be without their No. 2 starter, Noah Syndergaard, who was diagnosed with a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and was slated for Tommy John surgery Thursday.

Betting markets stayed calm despite the latest bit of bad news for a Mets team projected to finish second in the National League with 88 wins, according to Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA projections. The Mets’ odds to win the World Series from William Hill stayed steady at 17/1 despite losing Syndergaard, who had the eighth-best odds for the NL Cy Young Award at 20/1. Their odds to win the NL East and NL pennant also stayed the same from March 9, before many Las Vegas sportsbooks shut down, at 5/2 and 17/2, respectively.

“The baseball odds don’t move as much because it’s not like basketball — with just five players on the court at a given time — where one player like LeBron James can have a huge impact when changing teams, or even football where…

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