June 15, 2021

Dodgers: Major League Baseball Has A Desired Start Month (Dodgers Nation)

With everything happening in the world right now, it’s hard to imagine Major League Baseball getting going any time soon. But according to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the Dodgers could be back to playing baseball by June. The league is apparently pushing very hard for that anticipated start date.

While the realistic idea of starting the season probably isn’t until at very earliest June, and I mean VERY earliest, that’s what they’re pushing for…That is the goal at this point for MLB. -Jeff Passan with Jorge Sedano on ESPN

While June would certainly be a welcomed start date for Dodgers fans, that would still be over two months late. The season was supposed to kick off tomorrow in Los Angeles with the Giants coming into town. Instead, Major League Baseball is looking at a June start date as the best-case scenario. 

In order for the June start date to happen, there are plenty of conversations that need to be had before that. One of those conversations is whether or not the league will pursue a full season. If that is the case, there have been talks that the league could allow roster expansions and scheduled double-headers. There has also been the option of pushing…

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