June 13, 2021

Dodgers have set MLB standard for procuring original talent (New York Post)

A record for Major League Baseball players used has been set every year since 2013, up to 1,410 in 2019. Where did they all come from? The Post put all 1,410 back on their original teams and here in Part 3 of our three-part series, we examine who has done best, worst and just how much it matters.

Begin with the obvious, an organization is well served if it can bring a lot of varied talent into its pipeline, such as the Dodgers.

If you could only excel at one or the other, do a great job amassing hitters over pitchers like the Cubs, Astros and Red Sox — the World Series champions from 2016-18, by the way.

But it is not a baseball death sentence to fall short in amateur procurement as long as your front office is crafty in acquiring talent in other modes as the A’s and Brewers have exemplified.

There is no one way to build a contender and if a team is leaning too much on one element — just the draft or just international or just big trades or small trades or the waiver wire — it will become as risky as not diversifying a financial portfolio. A well-functioning organization such as the Dodgers is procuring difference-makers from every source.

Let’s understand…

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