June 12, 2021

Astros Reportedly Apologized While Josh Reddick Has Tone Deaf Response to Dodger Fan (Dodgers Nation)

The Houston Astros continue to just plainly not get it. After robbing baseball fans of fair competition — and the Dodgers of a potential World Series title — in at least 2017, they were accused and punished for illegally stealing signs.

Then things somehow got worse…

Astros players got in front cameras and awkwardly stumbled around questions about their cheating. Then the owner stepped up alongside the players and showed that he had no idea what an apology was.

Flash forward, things got so ugly for Houston that the organization was sued by its own fans for the embarrassment caused by the situation. Now, Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reports that in that lawsuit, the Astros once again apologized for their crimes. This time, through a lawyer.

“The ‘sign-stealing’ controversy has been a source of great disappointment to Astros fans as well as to the Astros organization. On several occasions, members of the Astros organization — including individual players and its Owner, Jim Crane — have expressed their sincere apologies and remorse for the events described in the report by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.”

Sincere apologies.