June 19, 2021

Judge’s Mysterious Injury feat. Ken Singleton (New York Post)

Pinstripe Pod Episode 3 Aaron Judge Yankees podcast
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

This week would have been our big baseball season preview show, but coronavirus had other plans. We’ve still got you covered with Episode 3 of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and former Yankees reliever and four-time World Series champion Jeff Nelson.

The guys open the podcast addressing the mysterious Aaron Judge collapsed lung that nobody knew about. They talk about Judge’s injury concerns over the years, as he has had trouble staying healthy since his 2017 rookie season. They then react to Mariano Rivera’s comments about the length of the season and how many games would determine a true champion. In this week’s “Nellie’s Nugget,” Nellie tells an incredible story that never made it to the media about the team bus nearly tipping over in Mexico days before the Yankees would begin their 1998 season. Not even George Steinbrenner heard about this as they kept it under wraps. It happened to be the year they went on to win 114 games and a World Series.

NY Post baseball writer Dan Martin then makes his debut on the podcast. Martin talks about the latest surrounding Judge and his injury after talking to him in Tampa. He…

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