June 12, 2021

Dodgers: Top 5 Starting Pitchers of the Last 10 Seasons (Dodgers Nation)

This week we posed the question on Twitter as to who would be in your starting rotation out of all of the quality starting pitchers the Dodgers have sent to the mound over the last 10 years.

After I was asked to put together my own list, it occurred to me very quickly that this is a question that seems easy to answer until you realize you have to rank 4 other guys whose names are not Clayton Kershaw, and the Twitter votes easily support this realization. This is a testament not only to the easy acknowledgment that Kershaw was the best pitcher of the decade in any team, but also to the sheer talent the team has seen in its rotation since 2010.

The votes we received on Twitter were tallied up in a highly scientific manner (and also happen to correspond with my own personal list, though in a slightly different order that I would have chosen: 5 points for every 1st place vote, 4 for every 2nd place, 3 for every 3rd place…you get the idea.


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