June 12, 2021

Mets’ Marcus Stroman, Dominic Smith teaming up for beer pong tournament (New York Post)

Baseball may be delayed indefinitely, but Marcus Stroman’s competitive juices are not.

The Mets pitcher has signed up for a virtual beer pong tournament — sports in the time of coronavirus — and has picked teammate Dominic Smith to be his partner.

Stroman’s friend Mike Seander, the rapper formerly known as Mike Stud who now just goes by Mike, tweeted that he was setting up a celebrity tournament that will stream on Instagram Live. Stroman quickly jumped on the bandwagon and is bringing Smith along with him.

“I’m committed already,” Stroman tweeted on Saturday. “Just FaceTimed with @justmike. @TheRealSmith2_ is the homie I’ll be playing with. We ready whenever!”

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The virtual tournament should allow for social distancing — Seander said live streams will be merged from the participants’ respective houses — and the money raised will go toward COVID-19 “recovery efforts.”

The Mets left Port St. Lucie early after coronavirus concerns forced the cancellation of spring training and delay of Opening Day. Until baseball comes back, Stroman and Smith will be giving beer pong the…

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