June 15, 2021

MLB Has Reportedly Come to a Conclusion in Boston Red Sox Cheating Investigation (Dodgers Nation)

There are plenty of things more important in the world right now than a cheating scandal in baseball. But the Red Sox are going to have to face the music one day soon, and it sounds like MLB has already decided that they have indeed broken the rules. In a statement on Friday morning, a team lawyer for Boston suggested that the league had come to a conclusion in their investigation.

When asked by a judge about admitting or not that the Red Sox violated the ruled, Lauren Moskowitz of Cravath, Swaine & Moore had a succinct answer. 

We do not admit that.

Major League Baseball has yet to release a report on the reported use of electronics in sign-stealing en route to the Red Sox 2018 World Series. Boston apparently did not agree with the findings of the league in the scandal but did admit to parts. 

Your Honor, I think that there are distinctions between what the Red Sox believe occurred and what the commissioner found. And I think that certainly they’re entitled to disagree that that activity happened at the club level. Certainly, we did find on certain occasions in 2017, that this electronic device was used to communicate sign information.

The Red Sox already…

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