June 12, 2021

What the 2020 MLB season could look like once (if?) it gets going (ESPN)

Uncertainty is never easy to deal with, even considering that a built-in amount of it hangs over our heads every waking moment of our lives. Right now, suffice to say, most of us are collectively dealing with more uncertainty than we’ve ever encountered. That’s true not just for those in and around baseball, but for those in every walk of life.

Eventually, our regular routines will resume. We don’t know when. We can’t even begin to speculate when it will happen. But it will. And as it has at various times through American history, baseball will be in a position to act as a balm for our wounds, even if it’s only as a sign that things have returned to normal.

When that happens, questions that right now are insignificant will have to be answered. How long do players need to get ready to play? How many games can be salvaged? And on and on … the list of uncertainties is endless. Today, we want to deal with a small part of it: the schedule. That in itself presents plenty of uncertainties: How long does a viable championship season have to be? What are the competitive effects of a shortened schedule? What is the best structure for balancing the challenge of determining a worthy…

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