June 23, 2021

‘We are fighting against an invisible enemy’ (ESPN)

On the days when it feels like too much, like the world is caving in, Rene Saggiadi will walk toward the front door of the apartment he’s not allowed to exit and look at the display that holds his World Series ring. It brings him comfort — the thought of baseball, of the 2018 Boston Red Sox team that won a championship, of everything that mattered most until the coronavirus started ravaging his country.

Typically this time of year, Saggiadi, one of the foremost experts on baseball in Europe, is honing lists of players to follow and tournaments to attend as a scout for the Red Sox. Today he’s on lockdown in Bari, a city on Italy’s boot heel, for the 11th consecutive day. He patrols Twitter and reads “The Glory of Their Times” and talks to neighbors from his balcony and sings and tries to project normalcy in a moment that’s anything but normal. He wishes for a reality that refuses to be, an end to the COVID-19 outbreak that has killed more people in Italy than anywhere else in the world.

“I just want to get back to my life,” Saggiadi said….

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