June 13, 2021

Does a shortened MLB season jeopardize the Mookie Betts Trade? (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers capped off the 2019 offseason with the biggest wave of them all; a trade for MVP candidate and one of the greatest current baseball players: Mookie Betts. After making one of the biggest baseball moves of the decade it seemed the Dodgers were set up for a slam dunk of a season. Unfortunately with the coronavirus pandemic affecting our the certainty of our institutions we may be looking at a drastically shortened season with the possibility of a limit on the number of fans attending games. With all this uncertainty looming over baseball and the Dodgers one has to ask, does this harm the value of the Mookie Betts trade?

A better question might not be “does this harm the value”, but rather “how much” is this trades value harmed?

When you think of the Mookie Betts trade in terms of pure value, both on and off the field, you don’t just consider the boost he’ll bring to on-the-field performance. When you trade for one of the greatest players in the game you aren’t just trading for his on-field production; from a business standpoint you’re bringing in a flood of revenue from increased ticket sales, boosted media exposure and an overall boost in…

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