June 13, 2021

The ballad of Edwin Jackson, baseball’s ultimate nomad (The Athletic)

Edwin Jackson could have kept it going if he’d wanted.

As January progressed into February, the 36-year-old pitcher had two minor-league offers on the table. One was from the Diamondbacks, the team with which he threw a 149-pitch marathon of a no-hitter in 2010. The other was from the Mets, whose jersey Jackson never has donned. Most players could be expected to choose the familiar in that scenario, but people close to Jackson were pushing for the opposite. History was on the line.

If he made the big-league roster with the Mets, Jackson would break his own record for the most teams played for in a major-league career. He claimed the record last year upon being traded to the Blue Jays, his 14th big-league team, and passing former reliever Octavio Dotel in the process. (Dotel and Jackson also were teammates on the 2011 Cardinals.) The Mets would be No. 15, a number that needs some context. Making the club in New York would mean that, in the 18 years since he debuted…

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