June 19, 2021

Lights? Wristbands? Earpieces? MLB explores delivering signs through technology (The Athletic)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Imagine colored lights blinking on the mound. Imagine tiny earpieces, connecting pitchers with The Sign Whisperer on their bench. Imagine funky new-age wristbands, buzzing or flashing sign sequences.

Imagine all this, and you’re imagining a world that doesn’t exist in baseball today or baseball as we’ve always known it. But hardly a day goes by anymore, on this turbulent post-Astro-gate planet we now live on, where somebody doesn’t ask this pivotal 21st-century question:

Why are signs still being delivered to pitchers the same way they were a hundred years ago – with catchers wiggling their non-technologically enhanced fingers?

Why, asks Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow, is baseball reacting to the Astros mess by talking about shutting down access to technology? Isn’t it possible that the long-term answer to combatting sign-stealing might actually be to embrace more technology? So …

Flashing colored light bulbs?

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