August 2, 2021

McCullough: New Year’s resolutions for all 30 MLB teams (The Athletic)

Hope springs eternal, but delusion makes its annual appearance a couple of months earlier. The arrival of the New Year permits us time to reflect, time to take stock of our accounts — and time to subject ourselves to dreams of irrational ambition. We write down our resolutions, spend a few weeks striving toward them and look back in bewilderment 10 months later, wondering why we could not achieve the goals scribbled on this scrap of paper.

The futility of the exercise does not matter: Major League Baseball teams should not be exempt from this ritual. Every team should seek to better itself in the early days of January. And so we present New Year’s Resolutions for all 30 clubs, listed by draft order, to ring in 2020:

Tigers (47-114 in 2019): Get Casey Mize to the majors.

The 2010s brought exhilaration, agony and then malaise to Tigers fans. The near-misses in the first half of the decade might have stung, but the recent years have only brought tanking…

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