August 2, 2021

Best moments in baseball of the 2010s (New York Post)

Nearly every day I report to work, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Sometimes it’s boring. Other times, it turns into a day for the ages.

Thankfully, more than enough days of brilliance, poignance and humor emerged to justify the existence of this piece: My top Datelines of the Decade.

10. Baltimore Hyatt Regency, Aug. 14, 2014. Bud Selig’s final big play, in over 22 years as commissioner, went as many that preceded it: Messy, yet ultimately successful. Bud, a spry 80 years old by the time he convened his owners to this resilient city’s Inner Harbor, badly wanted his second-in-command Rob Manfred to succeed him. Manfred entered the meetings with majority support, yet a vote of this gravity required 75 percent of the 30 owners to be in agreement, and Selig, for all his lobbying, schmoozing and horse-trading, did not start the day with the necessary 23 votes for Manfred, as his old pal Jerry Reinsdorf of the White Sox led the effort for Red Sox bigwig Tom Werner to get the gig. It took six votes over about seven hours — and the image of a frustrated Selig executing his trademark shrug to amused reporters as he entered a glass elevator amidst the craziness…

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