July 29, 2021

Dodgers Nation Round Table – 2019 Year in Review (Dodgers Nation)

2019 was a full, adventurous year at Dodgers Nation. The News and Editorial teams welcomed new team members, while our social media presence grew in leaps and bounds thanks to the success of the Blue Heaven podcast as well as coverage of events at Dodger Stadium that brought fans closer to the action than ever.

We also had a lot of fun – as writers as well as fans. Here, the team discusses some of the highlights of this historic season:

Question # 1: What’s the top on-field moment of the 2019 season?

Gail Johnson (@GJOH29):

Cody Bellinger walking off the Diamondbacks on July 3rd at Dodger Stadium, then dropping his bat and pumping his chest at Yoan Lopez, is the image of 2019. It was his 2nd HR of the night, contributing to the team’s 5th consecutive walk-off, and we were well into the glory days of the summer of 2019 at that point. If players had to submit an “MVP reel” to voters like Emmy nominees do, this would easily be it. 

Tim Rogers (@SDDodger):

Ryu’s home run.

Marshall Garvey (@MarshallGarvey):

The three rookie walk-offs, without a doubt. 2019 witnessed what might be the greatest rookie class in Dodger history, and especially after a draggy offseason…

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