July 31, 2021

Carig: The 10 most memorable moments I covered in the 2010s (The Athletic)

Growing up, I didn’t get to the ballpark much. So, on the rare occasions that it happened, it felt like an event. The details stuck with me, whether it was watching Mark McGwire hit his 300th career homer against a 106-loss Tigers team at the Coliseum, or learning first-hand why Candlestick was considered a miserable dump. That lesson came during a playoff game in 1989, when it became painfully clear that there were far too many people and far too few restrooms.

That night, I saw grown men make use of the sinks in a way that stadium engineers had never intended. I was 10.

Childhood trauma aside, the buzz of being at the ballpark has never faded. It’s especially true now that I’ve scammed my way into a job in which going to the stadium means going to work. My first season covering baseball full-time was 2008. That means I spent every summer of the 2010s in a major league press box.

I’ve been lucky enough to see some unforgettable things.


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