July 29, 2021

The Dodgers May Bank on Their Prospects in 2020 (Dodgers Nation)

In a word, the Dodgers off-season so far has been uneventful. In two words, it’s been extremely uneventful. They missed out on all the top free agents and although they’ve been connected to practically every big name available on the trade block, no moves have actually happened just yet.

There’s still plenty of time for all that to change. However, if the Dodgers decide to stick to their past strategy of keeping top prospects instead of trading them away, it may not be as bad of an idea as many believe.

To be clear, this is not a piece advocating for the Dodgers to remain inactive this off-season. If a player like Mookie Betts and/or Francisco Lindor become available for the right price, the Dodgers should, and probably would, seriously consider it. On the flip side, if a deal isn’t feasible for whatever reason, fans shouldn’t dread too much considering the Dodgers success with past prospects and the talent of their current ones.

Past Success

If there’s one MLB team with a great track record with top prospects,…

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