August 2, 2021

Dodgers: Trade or No Trade, They’ll Be Good (Dodgers Nation)

Christmas came and went quietly for Dodgers fans. Any that were like myself, spent a lot of time looking on Twitter for news on the potential Francisco Lindor & Mike Clevinger trade rumors. Well, no such luck. Those Christmas wishes of the Dodgers tipping the scales in their favor with a blockbuster trade are still just that, wishes. While there is still plenty of time for the Dodgers to make a big trade happen, they are in good shape as they are.


From an offensive standpoint, the Dodgers are currently poised to bring back the same position players that led the National League in home runs, RBIs, runs, slugging percentage, and OPS. Their situational hitting was also exceptional as they grounded into the second fewest double-plays while also leading the NL in sacrifice bunts and flies. Furthermore, the Dodgers’ batters showed tremendous discipline at the plate as they had the third most walks and third fewest strikeouts in the NL.

It’s important to remember that as impressive as the stats are, the Dodgers missed out on a full season of Alex Verdugo production due to injury and a shortened first month due to platoon situations. Corey Seager was also just a…

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