August 4, 2021

Dodgers: Max Muncy’s Home Run off Mad Bum Named Top-20 MLB Moment of 2019 (Dodgers Nation)

The 2019 season was a memorable one for Dodgers fans, for both positive and negative reasons. On one hand, the Dodgers fell short again in the postseason but on the other hand, they set a franchise record for wins and won yet another NL West title.

If you had to ask a Dodger fan what their favorite moments of 2019 were, you’re likely to get two answers: Max Muncy’s home run off Madison Bumgarner on June 9 and the three-game series against the Colorado Rockies from June 21-23 in which three rookies hit three walk-off home runs. seems to agree with that notion. Writer Manny Randhawa compiled a list of the top 40 moments around the major leagues in 2019, and both of those Dodger moments made the cut.

The Max Muncy home run just cracked the top half, coming in at number 20. The moment stands out not just for the power displayed as Muncy crushed the ball into McCovey Cove, but rather the ensuing confrontation. Bumgarner got upset and yelled at Muncy as he admired his home run, to which he responded, “Go get it out of the ocean,” sparking a quote that will be in Dodger lore for a long time.

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