August 4, 2021

Dodgers: 5 Tips on Surviving the Off-Season (Dodgers Nation)

Tedious. Endless. Boring.

Baseball’s off-season — while a well-deserved break our players need to recharge and get ready for another long 7-month run that will take them deep into October — is a seemingly endless stretch of days and weeks where we cling to any tidbit of info about our team that we can find while we wait for baseball to get here.

It’s like a summer break from school; there are other activities to keep us occupied — maybe we see family members we neglect during the season, re-connect with non-baseball friends, or clear out our Netflix queue — but let’s be honest, it’s a bleak time until we can reunite with fellow fans again to bond in our shared love of the team.

As a Dodgers fan in the throws of baseball withdrawal just like you, I’m here to help by offering a few suggestions on how to survive by staying busy during the Dodgers off-season.

Tip 1

Subscribe to the Dodgers YouTube channel, where you’ll have free access to a plethora of well-produced Dodgers goodies, like the new Hometown Series, another superb season of

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