July 29, 2021

MLB teams are actually trying to compete again (New York Post)

The holiday gift for baseball fans is teams — most anyway — are trying again.

That should be par, right? Except what became not only modern, but congratulated in recent years was racing to the bottom. Many organizations were hungrier to rank near the top in Baseball America’s prospect lists than contend.

The Cubs and Astros won championships with this philosophy, but the overflow of franchises that followed this strategy assured by sheer volume that not all could be successful. Plus, it led to a more wretched product on the field. The middle class dwindled, creating a disparity of extreme success and failure.

In 2019, four teams won 100 games in the same season for the first time (hat tip to Lee Sinins of MLB Network research) and from 2017-19, 10 teams won in triple digits. The previous high for a three-year time frame was eight.

In 2019, four teams lost 100 games for just the second time, and in 2018-19 seven teams lost 100 games — the most ever in a two-year span.

In 2018-19, 14 teams either won or lost 100 games — as many as did from 2010-17.

Attendance dropped for a fourth straight year in 2019. You can talk weather or pace of play. But who would pay to…

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