August 4, 2021

ESPN Identifies Dodgers Biggest, Best and Worst Signings of the Decade (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers were defined by regular season success and postseason failure throughout the 2010s. They won seven consecutive NL West titles from 2013-2019 and advanced to two World Series in 2017 and 2018, falling short of a championship each time.

They have also been notoriously frugal on the free agent market in recent years under Andrew Friedman, a far cry from having the highest payroll in baseball under Ned Colletti early in the decade.

ESPN recently looked at the best and worst free agent signings of the decade from all 30 major league clubs.

The worst contract the Dodgers gave out in the 2010s according to ESPN was a toss-up between Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy. Kazmir signed a three-year $48 million contract in 2016 and only played one season with a 0.5 WAR before breaking down. McCarthy signed for $48 million over four years, and similarly dealt with injuries as he only made 29 starts over three seasons for a 0.3 WAR. According to ESPN, “Dodger fans can only wonder about what might have happened if that $96 million had been spent more wisely.”

The Dodgers best signing of the decade according to ESPN was bringing back Justin Turner on a four-year $64…

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