July 29, 2021

Steve Cohen only wanted to own the Mets (New York Post)

He’s only had eyes for the Mets.

As Steve Cohen’s negotiations have continued with the Sterling partners that would leave him as the majority owner of the Mets, a famous friend of the billionaire hedge-fund investor says the organization will be getting the right man to lead it into the next decade.

Reggie Jackson told The Post on Friday he’s spoken with Cohen on several occasions over the last 10-15 years about forming an ownership group with him to purchase a major league team. Each time, the answer was a basic variation of Cohen saying the only team he wanted to own was the Mets.

“He was just dead stuck on the Mets,” the Hall of Fame outfielder said. “I have tried to talk to him about the Dodgers and the A’s and a couple of other teams and he said, ‘Reggie, I might be interested in the Dodgers, my daughter goes to college in that area, but I live [in Connecticut] and I’m a Mets fan and that is kind of where my focus is. If there is ever an opportunity, that is where it would be.’ ”

Cohen, a minority shareholder in the Mets since 2012, would own up 80 percent of the team under the proposed deal. The proposal also calls for Fred Wilpon to retain…

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