July 30, 2021

MLB managers weigh in on three-batter rule, sign-stealing scandal (ESPN)

With a significant new MLB rule on the horizon and a cheating scandal looming, we wondered how baseball’s managers felt about two of the biggest issues surrounding the game.

We asked managers at the recent winter meetings about the new three-batter-minimum rule and the ongoing sign-stealing saga surrounding the Houston Astros, as well as the best advice they’ve given or received.

How will the three-batter minimum affect you the most?

Bud Black, Colorado Rockies: “I think the chess game still is going to be in play but … the endgame decisions are going to be drastically different. You’ll see from game No. 1. We’re all going to have to learn a different type of strategy.”

Joe Girardi, Philadelphia Phillies: “I think it can affect how you put a lineup together. Depending how many left-handers they have, maybe you spread your left-handers out. So if they have a guy that is efficient in getting left-handed hitters out, you surround him with two beasts that are right-handed hitters. So I think it does change.”

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