July 29, 2021

Baseball’s most overrated and over-hated (New York Post)

To think, when the Overrated and Over-hated list first touched down on this planet, social media was barely a thing. Analytics was in its infancy. And Democrats and Republicans occasionally were cordial with one another.

Now, as this concept marks its 13th iteration — happy bar mitzvah, Overrated and Over-hated! — we overrate and over-hate more than ever.

Hence my annual plea for reason, for nuance, primarily in baseball but for a few other troll-worthy matters as well. As always, you can be good and still be overrated, and likewise bad yet still over-hated.

Without further ado:

Ronald Acuna Jr.: Over-hated

Pete Alonso: Over-maturated. Man, was he impressive, even more so off the field than on. How about when he led the way on the Mets’ 9-11 gear?

Analytics: Over-hated

The Astros: Over-predicament-ated. They had best be hit hard by the commissioner.

Baby Yoda: Overrated

Bat carrying: Over-hated

Carlos Beltran: Overrated as a manager for a win-now team. Over-hated as a Hall of Fame candidate.

Carlos Beltran Mets
Carlos BeltranN.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Bullpenning: Just a touch over-hated

Mickey Callaway: On his worst day, he over-bloviated about Billy Martin assaulting a reporter….

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