July 30, 2021

Theories on Dodgers Perceived Struggles With Free Agents (Dodgers Nation)

It’s December 16, 2019.  So far, the Dodgers have swung and missed on Stephen Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, and Madison Bumgarner. All players the Dodgers were reportedly “in on” or “meeting with”. Why do the Dodgers struggle with trades? Why can’t they attract top-tier free agents? Is it simply greed and every team wants to make up for their lack of farm system investment? Does every free agent just want the highest dollar/most years? It seems as though playing for a team that can put you in the hunt for championship year in, year out should count for something.

Stephen Strasburg stayed with the Washington Nationals, they’re competitive and gave him a good contract, but they haven’t been a lock for the postseason like the Dodgers. The New York Yankees and Gerrit Cole will be in the hunt for years to come, so I get that one. Anthony Rendon, however, went to the AL West which is shaping up to be the most competitive division in all of baseball.

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