June 23, 2021

Dodgers: Francisco Lindor Trade Likelihood Discussed by Ken Rosenthal (Dodgers Nation)

It seems as if with every passing day, we hear different stories regarding the likelihood of a trade coming to fruition with Cleveland Indians star shortstop heading to Los Angeles. Trades of this magnitude are always ‘unlikely’ and that is why they are considered blockbusters when they do end up happening. In this case, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has shed some light on the true nature of the Lindor-to-LA discussions with the Indians.

Here is the link to the column from The Athletic featuring a variety of potential blockbuster trades being discussed around the league:

Padres Trying to Spoil Dodgers’ Plans

The San Diego Padres continue to be the Dodgers’ little brother and things don’t appear to be changing this off-season. According to Rosenthal, part of the Padres motivation to trade for Francisco Lindor is to keep him out of Los Angeles. Here is the excerpt from the column:

Part of the Padres’ motivation, though, might be to keep Lindor away from…

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