July 30, 2021

Josh Donaldson’s mom freaks out over Maserati (New York Post)

Maserati > Marlboro.

Free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson posted a video on Saturday of him gifting his mom a Maserati, a promised gift for her quitting smoking.

“So my mom made a deal with me if she quit smoking that I would buy her a Maserati. 2 years of not smoking and here is her early Christmas present from Briana and I. Trust me you are going to want to watch this,” Donaldson wrote.

The video shows a house before Donaldson pulls up with the horn honking from down the block. His mother soon emerges from the garage with screams of joy followed by a long hug.

Donaldson, 34, is one of the top free agents left on the market.

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