July 31, 2021

Carlos Carrasco: ‘If I could do it, they could do it too’ (The Athletic)

CLEVELAND — As Ally Rhone conquered the concrete steps leading to the main concourse at Progressive Field, she heard a soft voice call out to her.

There stood a tall man with a wide smile and a red Indians uniform, the surnames of the team’s four All-Stars on the back. Rhone couldn’t believe Carlos Carrasco and his wife, Karry, recognized her. She couldn’t believe they remembered her. She couldn’t believe they approached her in a ballpark buzzing with anticipation for one of the sport’s yearly spectacles.

It was a quick, casual conversation at the 2019 Home Run Derby — but a powerful one. Carrasco asked Rhone how she was feeling. Rhone posed the same question to Carrasco.

Four months earlier, Rhone, 21, couldn’t lie on her back without struggling to breathe. That, coupled with a nagging cough, convinced her that she had bronchitis or, at worst, pneumonia.

She checked in at the University of Cincinnati’s health clinic and they…

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