June 12, 2021

Dodgers: MLB Threatens to Walk Away from Minor Leagues (Dodgers Nation)

The tension surrounding the MLB and MiLB’s negotiations just got even louder. After the MLB proposed cutting 42 minor league teams in an effort to raise salaries, the MiLB has taken their fight public, drawing the criticism and ire of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

After Manfred called out the MiLB on Wednesday for taking a “take-it-or-leave-it, status quo approach,” the minor league association responded by publishing a four page memo on Friday rebutting the MLB’s “demonstrably inaccurate” talking points.

Rather than rebut the MiLB, Manfred decides to respond instead by threatening to walk away from the minor leagues altogether and forming a new minor league system.

“If the National Association [of Minor League Clubs] has an interest in an agreement with Major League Baseball, it must address the very significant issues with the current system at the bargaining table,” Manfred said in the statement. “Otherwise, MLB clubs will be free to affiliate with any minor league team or…

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