August 4, 2021

The Yankees’ dilemma hanging over Gerrit Cole’s introduction (New York Post)

Gerrit Cole and the Brinks trucks carrying his staggering nine-year, $324 million contract rolls into The Bronx this week, when the stud right-hander will be introduced at a Yankee Stadium press conference that will be drowning in the bells and whistles the club saves for high-profile acquisitions.

There will be talk of the 29-year-old Cole leading the franchise to multiple World Series titles, tales of him growing up in Southern California a Yankees fan and big doses of hope will be in the air.

And when Cole splits for his Orange County home, the Yankees’ front office will continue to look at acquiring a left-handed bat. Because the only position a left-handed hitter can be squeezed into is first base, that should likely be the fit.

“Our lineup is very right-handed,’’ vice president and assistant GM Michael Fishman said on the way out of the Winter Meetings in San Diego on Thursday. “Ultimately, we are trying to find the best players. If it can balance the lineup, even better. It’s good to balance the lineup with another lefty.’’

Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman could be the only two left-handed hitters on the 26-man roster taking aim at the cozy…

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