July 29, 2021

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Open to Teaming Up with Madison Bumgarner (Dodgers Nation)

As much as we have wanted to create the narrative that the battle of the decade’s two left-handed aces of the NL West was a bitter one, there has always been a mutual respect there. According to Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw, he and the club would both be interested in joining forces with their supposed arch nemesis Madison Bumgarner.

There has always been a mutual respect between the two superior competitors, demonstrated by a late season at-bat from Bumgarner against Clayton, who came on in relief. It was quite the show, but what if those two both repped the same uniform in 2020 and beyond?

Bumgarner is not the same pitcher he was in the Giants’ peak of three World Series wins, but he is still a rather serviceable pitcher these days. However, the reported asking price for him in free agency is somewhere around the five-year, $100 million mark. Now that the Dodgers have lost out on all of the top tier free agent starting pitchers, including Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, they will now be forced to…

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