August 2, 2021

Survive awkward holiday encounters … with your sports knowledge (ESPN)

The holiday season is in full force, and that means conversations with people you definitely want to talk to — and maybe some weirdness at the dinner table or company holiday party too. Whether you’re trying to stir up some debate, impress the table or avoid awkwardness, we’ve got you covered.

What to say … if you want to start a debate

Should college athletes be paid?

The NCAA brings in roughly $1 billion annually. But under the current rules, college athletes never see any of that revenue. The debate has been raging for years as to why the NCAA wouldn’t let athletes profit from their success, especially when high-profile coaches continue to get lucrative contracts.

In September, California passed a law making it possible for college athletes to accept endorsement money. Immediately after, the NCAA’s board voted unanimously to start the process of modifying its rules to allow college athletes to profit from their names, images and likenesses “in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.”

As with all good debate topics, there are two camps. One says that of course the athletes should be paid. They are, as we all know, the reason for a sport’s…

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