July 29, 2021

Chaim Bloom brings change to Red Sox despite lack of moves (ESPN)

SAN DIEGO — The Boston Red Sox came and left the 2019 winter meetings with the foundation of their roster unchanged. Despite the unending discussions among fans for months about the future of outfielder Mookie Betts, the team’s best player remains slotted in to roam right field at Fenway Park. Despite inquiries from other teams, as reported by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, David Price and his hefty contract (three years, $96 million) remain on the books. For all of the talk about a messy offseason requiring lots of creative roster management, Boston has remained quiet so far.

But the lack of player movement isn’t indicative of the growing change within the Red Sox front office. Based on conversations with multiple executives around baseball and staffers within Fenway Park, newly minted chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom is establishing his vision for the baseball operations department. Bloom entered an organization that features front office mainstays such as general manager Brian O’Halloran and the trio of executive VPs/assistant general managers Raquel Ferreira, Eddie Romero and Zack Scott, all of whom have spent more than a decade with the team and recently signed contract extensions….

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