July 31, 2021

Winter meetings takeaways from the San Diego spending spree (ESPN)

This year’s winter meetings wind down having delivered a historic explosion of expenditures. With contenders having paid top dollar, we asked Bradford Doolittle, Alden Gonzalez, Jesse Rogers and David Schoenfield for their takeaways from the industry-shaking events in San Diego.

Where would you rank the Yankees’ midnight (ET) addition of Gerrit Cole among the all-time biggest winter meetings moves?

Doolittle: Meh. It’s a big deal, don’t get me wrong. But let’s not let the dollar signs blow away our perspective. Frank Robinson was traded during the winter meetings. Dave Winfield signed with the Yankees. There was the Padres-Blue Jays trade with Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez. Nolan Ryan. Alex Rodriguez. Manny Ramirez. I’m bully on Cole, but let’s give this some time to breathe.

Schoenfield: Let’s not get carried away here. Cole is an amazing pitcher coming off a historic strikeout season, and the money is obviously tremendous, and he might lead the Yankees to three or four World Series titles in the next five years (or maybe none). But I doubt this classifies as a top-10 all-time move at the moment. After all, Cole has basically had one season for the…

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