August 4, 2021

Which stars are on the Dodgers’ winter meetings shopping list? (ESPN)

SAN DIEGO — The Los Angeles Dodgers could do everything and nothing. They could draw from their abundant prospect capital to pull off a major trade or take advantage of a more flexible payroll to sign a star free agent or sit out the winter entirely, reconvene in the spring and field a team capable of once again capturing the National League West.

It is both their gift and their curse.

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman acknowledged from baseball’s winter meetings on Monday that his targets make up “a much more narrow group” than in recent years. He agreed that the list extends to roughly 12 players, the vast majority of them elite, which simplifies his approach but also limits his options.

The Dodgers have won seven consecutive division titles but have yet to capture the World Series. Through the annual disappointment, Friedman has been unable to pinpoint a common denominator for thriving in October.

He doesn’t believe there is one.

“At the end of every World Series,” Friedman said, “there’s a narrative that comes out about whoever won and what the composition of their roster looked like, like, ‘Now, this is the thing that you have to have.'”

The only…

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