July 31, 2021

Stark: 11 ideas to liven up the winter meetings (The Athletic)

SAN DIEGO – Here’s what the winter meetings should be: The baseball equivalent of the NFL draft – three furious days of fans spending every waking moment asking: “What’s my team doing? … What’s my team thinking? … Whoa. My team did that?”

Instead, here’s what the winter meetings are more likely to be: “My team picked who in the Rule 5 draft? … What’s the Rule 5 draft again? … Wake me up when Gerrit Cole signs … Don’t wake me up when A.J. Cole signs.”

So as the 2019 edition of the winter meetings kick off at the resplendent Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, we find ourselves wondering again about the same old questions: Will this be another one of those winter-meetings weeks when we spend our time grumbling about what didn’t happen? Or, by some miracle, will it be a week of firing up the talk-show lines over what did happen?

Either way, here’s the deal: Maybe baseball should be rethinking this entire…

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