July 31, 2021

Steve Cohen rescuing Mets comes with disturbing theme (New York Post)

Stop the music!

Call me a party pooper, but this Steve Cohen-to-the-rescue angle comes stuck to a familiar, familial stench, the kind the Mets’ ownership regularly emits.

Is Steve Cohen a hedge fund boss or a hedgehog?

I don’t know. But having never paid a record $1.8 billion in fines for insider trading — I once was hit with a $65 parking ticket — I’m gonna guess that Cohen, the Mets’ savior-in-waiting, is the latter.

But for all I know, perhaps the fine was paid out of his company’s petty cash drawer. According to Forbes, Cohen in 2016 was worth 13 billion Bobby Bonillas.

This all fits with how the Mets, beneath the Wilpon banner, do business. They play specious angles instead of straight pool. From throwing in pig-big with colossal Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff, to hiring conflicted-by-too-many-interests player agent Brodie Van Wagenen to become GM, to embracing minority owners such as Cohen, the Mets never operate on the straight.

Their line jumps, falls, travels in both directions, flatlines and meanders until, on Opening Day, it reads “You Are Here,” wherever “Here” is.

That the Wilpons even still own the Mets to sell to Cohen is both troubling…

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