June 19, 2021

When Mets fans could first really feel the Steve Cohen effect (New York Post)

How about Mookie Betts, J.T. Realmuto and a retained Marcus Stroman wearing Mets uniforms on Opening Day of 2021?

Dare to dream, Mets fans.

Now, “dare” implies risk. Yet this dream holds a substantive chance of coming true.

Only Steve Cohen can say with certainty how quickly and aggressively he’ll infuse his riches into the mom-and-pop store that is the Mets, and the real-life inspiration for “Billions” hedge-fund maverick Bobby Axelrod comes off as far less loquacious than his fictional counterpart. Nevertheless, conversations with folks who know Cohen, the Mets or both lead one to believe Cohen will make his imprint on this franchise, as one experienced baseball executive put it, “sooner than later.”

Probably not soon enough to get, say, Gerrit Cole or Anthony Rendon. The agreement for Cohen to take over the Mets from the Wilpons and Saul Katz by 2025 hasn’t been completed yet, as the two sides announced Wednesday — remember the Mets spent many months in 2011 negotiating with another hedge-fund star, David Einhorn, before the arrangement fell apart short of the finish line — and you might have noticed the Hot Stove campaign has moved at a brisker…

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