August 4, 2021

Dodgers: Evaluating Every Friedman Era Off-Season Acquisition (Dodgers Nation)

This Sunday, the MLB offseason will officially kick into a frenzy (at least hopefully) with the Winter Meetings in San Diego. After the anticlimax of last year’s meetings in Las Vegas (in which hometown hero Bryce Harper was the coveted FA target), this year will hopefully help set a better tone, perhaps ideally with SD native Stephen Strasburg signing a plump contract. 

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the Dodgers to make big moves after two quiet offseasons geared towards resetting the luxury tax rate. With that goal soundly accomplished, and the impetus of a disastrous NLDS exit still fresh, it’s something just about everyone agrees should happen this time

Back during the middle of the season, I did a piece evaluating every single Friedman era bullpen acquisition as the criticisms of his bullpen construction tactics revved up. Now that the trope of “Friedman does nothing in the offseason” is in vogue once again, it’s the right time to see whether or not that claim truly holds up to scrutiny. 

So, when it comes down to the crucial matter of retooling a perennial contender every offseason, just how has the Friedman regime done? Let’s take a look…

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