June 19, 2021

Steve Cohen will help Mets catch up to Yankees in analysis (New York Post)

Those who know and have worked with Steve Cohen describe a brilliant mind. That he has the ability not only to look at six or seven screens simultaneously and absorb all the information racing across, but that he can quickly assess how his competitors will react to the latest news, allowing him to pivot quicker to his fund’s benefit.

This helped Cohen amass a worth estimated at more than $13 billion, according to Forbes. That total has fixated Mets fans since word emerged Wednesday that the hedge fund giant was working toward an agreement to gain majority interest in the team over the next five years. After all, Mets fans have long pined for a deep-pocketed replacement for the Wilpons.

They should gain satisfaction because those who know Cohen expect him to invest heavily to upgrade the on-field product — that he has never been afraid to spend big on skilled people to improve his business. But those same folks who know him say the brilliant mind that exalts information and how to apply it will be just as large a factor.

Over the last 3-5 years, data science and quantitative analysis have hit the finance world with the force that Moneyball struck baseball 15-ish years…

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