August 4, 2021

Steve Cohen is Mets’ godsend that ‘should bother the Yankees’ (New York Post)

If this really is Christmas for Mets fans — and, heck, it is close enough to the holidays for them to dream with the greatest aspirations — then there is going to be a second team that spends like the Yankees in town.

Steve Cohen, who is worth $13.6 billion (you know, with the “B”), according to Forbes, is in the midst of finalizing a deal to gain majority control of the Mets, the team revealed in a Wednesday press release. There is a five-year wind down mentioned in the release in which Fred Wilpon will remain the control person and CEO for the Mets and Jeff Wilpon the chief operating officer.

Cohen, who has been a minority investor in the Mets since 2012, sent an email to his investors Wednesday after the news broke to assure them that his fund is still his paramount concern and that “Cohen Private Ventures will manage my stake in the Mets as it has done since 2012.” Which means the Wilpons might actually run the team for a while yet.

But a person who had seen the email expects Cohen’s financial influence to be felt immediately, saying, “He grew up a Mets fan [in Great Neck]. He went to games in the Polo Grounds. He has deep pockets. He is a passionate…

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