July 29, 2021

Gerrit Cole Free Agency: Angels Owner willing to ‘do whatever it takes’ (Dodgers Nation)

The Angels have just renewed their relationship with the city of Anaheim and owner Arte Moreno wants to make sure it starts off with a bang. The franchise with the best player of at least this generation in Mike Trout, has to decide if they are going to step it up to build a contender around him.

Take this for what it’s worth. Ryan isn’t really prone to dropping “sources say” type news on his twitter, but there’s no reason to think that he doesn’t have a few contacts in the front office who have amazing hearing abilities while working on their admin duties. We all know Cole is the top prize, but hopefully, this helps measure the level of desperation the Angels have to start competing.

The Angels need a starting pitcher to help them compete for at least a playoff spot next year and Gerrit Cole is as good as they come. Mike Trout is wasting away on that bench. Shohei is coming back stronger, having…

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