June 23, 2021

Yankees must go all out Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg (New York Post)

“I certainly didn’t come all this way to suck.”
— Matt Damon, “Saturday Night Live”

The Red Sox fan made that declaration after traveling from Southern California to the Big Apple so he could host the final “SNL” of 2018.

Surely Brian Cashman, crossing the country in the opposite direction, brought an identical philosophy with him to his meetings with Gerrit Cole on Tuesday and Stephen Strasburg on Wednesday.

Cashman’s Yankees very much don’t suck, yet they haven’t sucked the least for a full decade now, an eternity for the jewel franchise’s spoiled fan base. Therefore, for all of the baseball-operations excellence that has occurred recently in The Bronx, Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner must go pedal to the metal to finish the job.

If they lose out on Cole and Strasburg due to geography or other quality-of-life issues, then so be it. But after missing or passing on several high-end starting pitchers the last few years, the Yankees can’t wind up empty-armed from this lucrative Hot Stove trove of pitchers due to being outbid.

Cashman should inform Scott Boras, who represents both pitchers, that the Yankees will surpass any offer out there for Cole,…

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